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The Alcohol ReThink Podcast

The Alcohol ReThink Podcast

Hosted by: Patrick Fox

The podcast for men who are ready to rethink their relationship with alcohol for good.

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152. How To Quit Vaping and Overcome Addictions with Andrew Cipriano

Do you find that when you stop one addiction it shows up somewhere else? Swapping addictions can be frustrating, but when you have the tools, awareness and knowledge in how to overcome them, it can change...
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151. This Is What Going Sober Looks Like: The Three Stages of Sobriety

Have you ever wondered what it takes to go sober? In episode 151 of The Alcohol ReThink podcast, Patrick discusses the three stages of sobriety and the challenges and transformations associated with each stage. He...
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150. Creating the Conditions to Succeed in Sobriety with Luke DuBois

Are you setting yourself up to succeed in your journey to sobriety? Do you know what that might look like? If not, we've got you covered. On this week's episode of The Alcohol ReThink podcast, Patrick is joined by...
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149. Managing Social Situations After You Stop Drinking - Coaching with Patrick Fox

Do you struggle with not drinking in social situations?Does it make your heart skip a beat in dread?If so, you're not alone. Telling people you're no longer drinking or being out in social situations where it feels...
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148. How Alcohol Impacts Your Gut Health with Dr Traci Fraley

On this week's episode of The Alcohol ReThink podcast, I am joined by Dr Traci Fraley. Traci is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and coaches women to overcome soul-crushing tiredness and other chronic...
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147. Caught in two minds - Coaching with Patrick Fox

Do you feel confused about whether you want to stop drinking or not? Do you have a sense that alcohol is holding you back in some way but you also find it hard to see a life without it? In this week's episode of The...
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146. Quitting Porn Made Simple with Jordan Keefe

Do you struggle with porn addiction?Do you make promises not to watch it only to find yourself scrolling for hours to find that perfect video?If so, you’re not alone and on this week’s episode of The Alcohol ReThink...
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145. Don't Forget the Bullsh1t

How many times have you woken up with a raging hangover promising yourself you'll 'never' drink again, only to be back drinking by the following weekend? You're not alone! On a rational level, it just doesn't make...
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144. Moving Through The Fear of Change with Adam Hoefler

Are you ready to take full ownership of your life and rethink alcohol for good? Adam Hoefler was, and he joins Patrick on this week’s episode of The Alcohol ReThink podcast where he shares how he has radically...
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143. Discovery not Recovery with Gill McKay

Have you ever heard the expression 'the end of one thing is the beginning of another?' For me that perfectly sums up stopping drinking.Sobriety isn't just about stopping drinking, it's the start of a journey of...
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142. Normalising Grief and Loss with Charlene Lam

Who are you without alcohol in your life? Can you answer that question? Does it fill you with dread to even consider it?  Charlene Lam is the Grief Coach, Speaker and Curator of The Grief Gallery. During this...
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141. Stop Waiting for Motivation to Change with Sara Debrach

Are you waiting to find the 'right' time to stop drinking? The truth is, there is no right time and time spent waiting to decide is time that you could be spent taking action towards rethinking alcohol right now. On...
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