One Decision Has The Power To Change Your Life



We’re only ever ONE decision away from creating massive change and growth in our lives.

A decision that changed the course of my life came on December 28th 2018.

I decided that I’d finally had enough of drinking alcohol, feeling hungover, unfulfilled and just drifting by in life.

I was going to take a year off the booze.

If I went back in time to the day before I stopped drinking and told my past self what I’d be doing now, he would have laughed in my face and thought I was drunk or on drugs.

For my entire adult life, I had been committed to drinking alcohol. I planned my life around it and got pretty moody when I felt I was being denied an opportunity to drink.

After three months of no drinking, I knew that it was something that I never wanted to go back to.

One of my clients once said that he thought I’d had ‘spontaneous sobriety’. From the outside looking in, I could see what he meant.

The reality was that I’d been internally struggling with not wanting to drink for years. I’d use running, sporting events and the birth of my son as reasons to stop drinking.

Often my commitment to these would generally last a few days, occasionally a week or two, and once I went 7 months sober.

Each time I reneged on my reasons to stop, the resentment, frustration and self-loathing I had towards myself continued to grow.

I continued to use alcohol to escape from how I was feeling, not recognising or wanting to recognise that it was a HUGE part of why I felt like I did.

I was never truthful with myself about the real reasons for wanting to stop.

How I thought about myself, my capabilities and what life would be like without alcohol were not serving me. Who the fuck would I be without alcohol in my life?

Alcohol was the one thing that brought me a great deal of certainty about myself. I had a strong belief that I was a fucking good drinker. My reality suggested otherwise.

After many failed attempts at stopping through force or ulterior motives, I woke up on the sofa on December 28th with a raging hangover and asked myself "what the fuck am I doing?”

I saw that I was turning into the man I’d always promised I wouldn’t be.

Enough was enough.

That day I decided that I couldn’t do this to myself anymore.

It has been the greatest decision of my life.

I know it can be yours also.

My life has expanded in ways I’d never thought possible.

Now I invite you to discover how your life might change by making this ONE powerful decision.

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Do any of the below sound familiar to YOU?

  • Life revolves about when & where you can drink
  • Want to stop or take a break but can't find the off button
  • Failed attempts, broken promises, thinking there's something wrong with you
  • Easily stressed, impatient, and highly irritable
  • Quick to hit the 'f*ck it' button 
  • All or nothing thinking
  • Prioritising alcohol over family 
  • Want to destroy the 'self'
  • Going out sober sounds like the worst thing EVER
  • Fear a life without alcohol
  • Feeling disconnected, trapped and incapable
  • Want to hide your reasons for rethinking alcohol
  • Sick of drinking to deal with life
  • Sick of life and drinking to deal with it


If you're ready to let go of alcohol...

  • Have a super clear WHY
  • ReThink your belief systems about alcohol and yourself
  • Unlearn your desire for alcohol by understanding what creates your urges
  • Learn how to manage your emotions (Yes guys do have them)
  • Learn how alcohol and the brain work
  • Identify what your values are and live by them
  • Let go of shaming yourself and step into your awesomeness
  • Stop giving a shit what other people 'might' think or say about your decision
  • Develop skills and strategies to overcome triggers, habits and urges
  • Disrupt old patterns of thinking
  • Make peace with the past
  • Put yourself first

Marshall - Testimonial

"I had thought and tried to give up drinking many times - but never really seemed to find the will power that I thought was necessary to motivate me. After listening to quite a few of your podcasts and before we connected and I signed up to your coaching- I was already on my way to a very different lifestyle. 

One of the biggest turning points for me was realising that it wasn’t me that was the problem, it was the realisation and understanding that alcohol is such a completely addictive drug and that the companies that promote and market this product do it to make billions of dollars - They make it sexy, attractive and sell the idea that if you’re not on board you’re missing out on life.

So not the case.

Patrick's coaching is so very different as it addresses not just issues surrounding alcohol but issues including self esteem, awareness, forgiveness, self appreciation, and an understanding of your own value system and what is important to you.

I found the conversations that we had really enabled me to open up to myself and examine so many different layers of my life and those closest to me. It was also the reinforcing of my values that continued to make my journey so interesting and rewarding."



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