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I can help you stop planning your life around alcohol 

Gone are the days where you have to label yourself an alcoholic, attend meetings or go to rehab to stop drinking. There's another way and I'll show you how.
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Choosing to live alcohol free brings up a lot of fear in people, including us guys...

Except being blokes we tend to want to try and hide them away, pretend we're ok, put a brave face on and hit that default mode of thinking we 'should' be able to 'fix' it for ourselves.

The trouble with alcohol, is often you've been drinking it for so long that you've got nothing to compare a life without it too. This is where guys get stuck, they fear what they've never experienced and use it against themselves.

Stopping drinking is riddled with unconscious beliefs about what it means to be someone who doesn't drink. It's time to change that narrative, first you've got to know what it is.

Sobriety, alcohol free, non-drinker, however you want to call it, is one of the most defying, progressivecourageous things you can do in a world that places alcohol on a pedestal.

My Journey

No one's journey is ever the same when it comes to stopping drinking, it goes radically against societal norms and you have to question everything you've ever believed before.

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Coaching Program

I've developed a 6 month Coaching Program that teaches you how to completely unlearn your desire for alcohol, so that you never entertain drinking it again. 

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Every Friday I release a new podcast episode that will help you to challenge your belief systems around alcohol and yourself.  Change your thinking, change your life.

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James Bell Testimonial

"Listen to the podcast and book yourself on to a consultation call. If you're like me then the thing that has drawn you to Patrick is how relatable he is, how much he cares and knows about the topic and how willing he is to be open and vulnerable with his thoughts and feelings. The latter is a barrier that most men have to break and its rare to see men having these conversations in this way, its so valuable in creating the space for you to be open to your feelings and vulnerabilities. If this is something that can resonate with you then I would say your guaranteed to get on well working with Patrick."

Are You Ready To Change Your Relationship with Alcohol?

I'm on a mission to help as many guys stop drinking alcohol as I can. We've all been sold a lie on why we need it in our lives. It's been rooted deeply into our belief systems as we grew up being around families, friends, our society and culture. It's why so many find it so challenging to stop. And it's more than just the alcohol, it's the stigmas attached to those who choose not to drink that do the damage. It's time for change and I'm going to help you get there.


I was amazed at Patrick's ability to cut through the crap and help me get to the real thoughts and beliefs that were causing the issue and then address them in a way that I never had before. ~ Andy


Schedule a free one hour consultation with me to see how I can help you stop drinking without going to AA meetings, labelling yourself powerless or an alcoholic. 

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