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The Alcohol ReThink Podcast

The Alcohol ReThink Podcast

Hosted by: Patrick Fox

The podcast for men who are ready to rethink their relationship with alcohol for good. Never miss an episode - Subscribe to weekly podcast episodes HERE

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133. Is Moderation Possible?

When it comes to rethinking alcohol there's a question that usually pops up.... is it possible to moderate alcohol? Join Patrick in episode 133 of The Alcohol ReThink podcast where he talks about what it means to...
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132. Understanding Triggers to Drink & How to Manage Urges

Want some help with understanding why you want to drink and how to manage urges this dry January? Join Patrick in this episode of The Alcohol ReThink podcast where he teaches everything you need to know to understand...
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131. Intention, Celebration and Possibility

Are you ready to rethink alcohol in 2024? In this episode of The Alcohol ReThink podcast, Patrick celebrates 5 years of sobriety and shares some things that got him there. As we head into the new year Patrick offers...
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130. Redefining Your Normal with Sam

What is holding you back from rethinking alcohol? Fear? Shame? Stigmas? In this week's episode of The Alcohol ReThink podcast Patrick is joined by one of his former clients Sam. Sam came on to share his alcohol...
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129. Freedom from Alcohol with Bill Masters

This week on The Alcohol ReThink podcast Patrick was joined by Bill Masters. Bill is a certified This Naked Mind coach. He changed his relationship with alcohol and has been free from alcohol since December 27th...
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128. 5 Tips for a Less Boozy Christmas

It's the most booziest time of the year... Christmas and New Year are renowned for the overconsumption and indulgence of booze and food. If this year you've decided that you've had enough of that sh1t and are wanting...
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127. Addicted parents, trauma and healing with Denita Bremer

This week on The Alcohol ReThink podcast Patrick was joined by Denita Bremer. Denita is a shame and trauma coach for latter-day saint women. Denita was born to teen parents who had struggles with drugs and alcohol....
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126. Creating a New 'Holiday Mode'

Do you want your festive period to look a little less boozy this year? Do you find yourself going into 'holiday mode' where all the normal rules of life are abandoned during the festive season? In this week's episode...
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125. From Good to Great with Michele Demetriou

This week on The Alcohol ReThink podcast Patrick was joined by Michele Demetriou. Michele is a Life Coach for high achievers and one-percenters. She helps them to manage their mindset and create lives that feel as...
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124. Walking Back to Happiness with Nigel Jones

This week on The Alcohol ReThink podcast Patrick was joined by Nigel Jones. Nigel is the founder of the health and wellness channel 9KM BY 9AM, the 9KM BY 9AM CHALLENGE, he's an accredited Sober & Life Coach and...
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123. How To Tell Your Mates You’re Taking a Break from Alcohol

Are you worried about telling your mates you’re not drinking or taking a break? Do you come up with every reason under the sun for not drinking except for the real one? In this week’s episode of The Alcohol ReThink...
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122. The Difference Between Using Willpower and Unlearning Desire for Alcohol with Tony Richardson

On this week's episode of The Alcohol ReThink podcast, Patrick was joined by sober life coach, Tony Richardson. Tony’s relationship with alcohol started when he joined the Royal Australian airforce at just 16 years...
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