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149. Managing Social Situations After You Stop Drinking - Coaching with Patrick Fox

Do you struggle with not drinking in social situations?

Does it make your heart skip a beat in dread?

If so, you're not alone. 

Telling people you're no longer drinking or being out in social situations where it feels like everyone is drinking are some of the most common and challenging fears people have when it comes to rethinking alcohol. 

On this week of The Alcohol ReThink podcast, I was joined by a gentlemen name Henry who was experiencing similar concerns about moving forward in his sobriety. 

This episode is a recorded coaching session where Henry is exploring his thought processes about not drinking and some of the challenges or obstacles he is currently experiencing. 

This is an awesome session that will show you how we are all so similar when it comes to rethinking alcohol. 

Some of the cool things we talk about in this episode are:

- The Alcohol Beast: 
The internal struggle and negotiation about drinking.
- The Routine and Reward Pathways: Associations with using alcohol as a reward.
- Struggle with Social Situations: Understanding the struggle to fully participate in social situations involving alcohol, like going out for boozy lunches or pub visits.
- Chunking Goals: The power of setting small goals within the context of a larger goal.
- Protecting your Sobriety: The importance of setting boundaries for yourself as you rethink alcohol. 
- Health Concerns: Creating a strong reason to stop drinking is essential. 
- Fear of Failure: The biggest dread is the fear of failing the commitment to stop drinking and letting oneself down.
- Moving Forward: Having a willingness to learn from any 'slip-ups' and keep moving forward, 

My wish for you by listening to this episode is that you will walk away with a greater understanding of yourself and how your mind works. 

As humans we tend to think we are all so unique and different which we are to a degree, but at the root of it we are all designed to be connected and in communities. 

When you rethink alcohol, that 'community' aspect feels like it's being threatened and the mind will do everything it can to keep you in it. Even if it's no longer serving you.

There is an incredible life after alcohol waiting for you. Now it's time to show your brain what's possible.



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