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145. Don't Forget the Bullsh1t

How many times have you woken up with a raging hangover promising yourself you'll 'never' drink again, only to be back drinking by the following weekend?

You're not alone! On a rational level, it just doesn't make sense that you'd go back to something that makes you feel so bad after drinking it.

It's more common than you think and in this week's episode of The Alcohol ReThink podcast, Patrick gets to work explaining why this happens and provides a simple tool to help you not forget the bullsh1t.

Some of the awesome topics discussed in this episode are:

- Faded Affect Bias (FAB)

- Why do we forget the pain and remember the pleasure

- An itinerary of alcohol misdemeanours exercise

- Staying conscious of your pain to unlearn the desire to drink

- Beating yourself up doesn't help

- Associating pain vs pleasure when it comes to alcohol


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