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143. Discovery not Recovery with Gill McKay

Have you ever heard the expression 'the end of one thing is the beginning of another?'

For me that perfectly sums up stopping drinking.

Sobriety isn't just about stopping drinking, it's the start of a journey of self-discovery.

An opportunity to find out how you want to show up for yourself and in the world.

On this week's episode of The Alcohol ReThink podcast, I was joined by Gill McKay who is an inquisitive sobriety coach, speaker and applied neuroscience trainer. 

We had an amazing talk about all things sobriety and brain-related.

We got stuck into why we do what we do when it comes to drinking and how we can change it.

This is an awesome episode not be missed.

Here are some of the cool topics we get into:

- Becoming friends with your brain

- Alcohol messes with your brain chemistry

- The illusion of ‘safe’ patterns in the brain

- Recognising where comparing is leading to despair

- Creating space to pause and make different decisions

- Be careful how you label yourself

- How Gary Barlow became part of Gill’s decision to rethink alcohol 

- Gill’s tools for sober living

- The discovery that unfolds when you’re no longer dulled by alcohol 

- Living by your values

- Motivation works both ways



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