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124. Walking Back to Happiness with Nigel Jones

This week on The Alcohol ReThink podcast Patrick was joined by Nigel Jones.

Nigel is the founder of the health and wellness channel 9KM BY 9AM, the 9KM BY 9AM CHALLENGE, he's an accredited Sober & Life Coach and author of “WALKING BACK TO HAPPINESS – THE SECRET TO ALCOHOL-FREE LIVING & WELL-BEING.”

In this episode Nigel shares his journey to sobriety and how walking played a pivotal part in becoming alcohol-free.

This episode is full of amazing tips, facts and experiences to help you start rethinking alcohol in your life.

Some of the cool things they discuss are:

  • Leaving the alcohol drinkers tribe and joining the alcohol-free tribe
  • Uncovering what you believe about alcohol and your ability to stop
  • Intentions lead to deeds, deeds lead to habits,
  • The mind of the beginner is full of possibility, the mind of the expert is not
  • Alcohol is sweetened-up poison
  • The data around the impact has on your physical and mental health doesn't lie
  • The real cost of drinking and everything that comes with it
  • Finding the space between your thoughts
  • The R-A-I-N method

Resources Mentioned:

Alcohol Change UK

Contact Nigel:

Website - www.9kmby9am.com

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Author Page - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Nigel-Jones/e/B0B7RP6LH6/

Paperback - https://amzn.eu/d/573olDm

Hardcover https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/191514731X/

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