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114. Back from the depths of alcohol with Anthony Wragg

This week I am joined by an awesome guest whose journey to sobriety is nothing short of incredible.

After being given his first alcoholic drink at the age of 5, and being brought up in a home and culture that celebrated and normalised alcohol, Anthony has had to overcome some staggering circumstances in life.

A story that involves a heart attack at 41, followed by a cardiac arrest a few months later, being in a coma, having his heart stop for 8 minutes, and then a night where he wanted to end it all due to alcohol and drug use.

Anthony brings his real, raw and authentic self in an interview that is pure inspiration for anyone wanting to stop drinking.

You won’t want to miss it.

Some of the other topics they cover in this episode are:

  • Exploring what beliefs he had learnt and inherited about alcohol from a young age
  • Creating a sober picture diary
  • The incredible support of his wife through it all
  • How his once paranoid state when drinking and using disappeared in sobriety
  • How having an understanding of his brain helped him to create new choices
  • The sober me identity
  • New habits and routines he has created since stopping
  • Being thankful for each day he wakes up sober
  • A willingness to prove himself wrong
  • The sober toolkit he developed and what the first couple of months of sobriety have been like.

This is a truly inspirational story that proves that anyone can rethink the role of alcohol in their lives.

Resources mentioned:

Turning Point Charity - https://www.turning-point.co.uk/

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